V’s mental breakdown after accidentally hitting on a married woman

learning useful korean phrases with v

When the golden maknae has to shoot a scene with a girl.

Taemin asking a fan for a kiss


C’mon, Levi, just a little smile!… Ok, that was creepy, thanks!

at first she was judging him but then…


jimin would be that annoying guy at school who always tries to touch the ceiling when he walks past a doorframe

BTS American Hustle Life Ep 5 in a Nutshell


Jungkook: baby kookie is too scared of girls so he just eats the entire set of the mv

Taehyung: the dumb blonde of the group 

Hoseok: winning all the ladies’ hearts


Namjoon: "imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before" Namjoon don’t lie to me

Suga: "my flexible tongue movements will send them to HongKong" Stop lying Suga see this is why I have trust issues

Jimin: ChimChim literally doesn’t know anything ok